42 x 42 cm

Built-in burner small

Make your own firetable with this small Enjoyfires built-in burner. Enjoy the perfect evening fire without smoke or sparks. With a size of 38 x 38 cm, it is an ideal burner for a fire column next to the door.

42 x 42 cm

Built-in burner square

An unique propane gas burner by Enjoyfires. With a size of 42 x 42 cm it is the perfect choice for compact fire tables. You can place this build-in burner in a high or low table. Just make a hole in your table and you can install this square burner.

30 x 60 cm

Built-in burner rectangle

A premium propane gas burner, made of stainless steel. This rectangle build-in burner is the largest of the Enjoyfires collection and has a size of 30 x 60 cm.